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KiteFlix video website has been online since 2001. It was one of the first websites to offer free kiteboarding video downloads and has grown into one of the most respected collections of kiteboarding videos in the world. Kiteboarding video is uploaded from different cultures around the world. Over the years, KiteFlix has donated time and resources to promote the sport of kiteboarding in a safe and smart manner. Please kiteboard responsibly and be respectful of the rights and safety of other people and property around you.

Kiteflix is proud of the feedback we get from our audience...

"Last time I watched a video that got me so pumped up, I wound up spending 9 years in the army!"

"DUDE! Very cool site. Now I can show the guys at work what this sport is about. Needless to say you dropped some jaws."

"Keep up the great work we all depend on you for the no wind days."


for more information, please call 561-404-4114

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