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 Kite Girls Video Gallery (33 Videos)
Fort Lauderdale Beach - Feb 09
I'm a pilot that was on a two day lay-over in FLL. Was watching a kite surfer from the beach in Fort Lauderdale this past February. This newbie can't wait for his 1st lesson. Music by William Berry. "Never Get Out".

Keywords: FLL Fort Lauderdale Beach,  kiteboarding video,  video of Grace marcel kite girl kiteboarding ,  in surf in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  kitesurfing girls bikini girl videos

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KiteTripi Venezuela
High Flying fun starring - Christopher Eliantonio, Lissette Rojas, Fernando Bustamante , William Matute, Alvarino De Gouveia Nino, Kevin Marquez, Betty Estaba, Elisa Castillo Theron , MAriella Yanes , Adriana Espinoza and Riccardo Andrea Leccese

Keywords: Adriana Espinoza kite girls in venezuela,  kiteboarding women,  Christopher Eliantonio, Lissette Rojas, Fernando Bustamante,  William Matute, Alvarino De Gouveia Nino, Kevin Marquez, Betty Estaba, Elisa Castillo Theron ,  MAriella Yanes , Adriana Espinoza and Riccardo Andrea Leccese

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Sexy Kite Women
compilation from around the world

Keywords: kite girls,  women who kiteboard,  Hot kiting girls

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Susi Mai - The Life Style
Susi Mai doing her thing in Hawaii and the Dominican Republic...

Keywords: Susi Mai, Kite, surf, sky dive, action, life style,  Kite girls, women who kitesurf, Kiteboarding woman

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THE ALOHA SHOW Maui Kiteboarding Session with Mark Cosslett
Mark Cosslett demonstrates Kiteboarding and flies his kite. Director Kimo Kekahuna share a slice of island life and music from paradise.

Keywords: Kiteboarding Hawaii Maui cruise ships windsurf therapy island music spiritual meditation nature iao beach bikini girls

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Bri Chimel: 3rd Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion
Bri Chimel competes during the 3rd Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion kiteboarding competition, held every January in the town of Jupiter, Florida.

Keywords: Jupiter Kite Invasion kiteboarding competition video # 12,  kite girls,  kite girl video

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