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 Kiteboarding School - Location: Caribbean (2)
cross-shore bahamas Kiteboarding/kitesurfing school
cross-shore bahamas Kiteboarding/kitesurfing school Price Offer
Cross shore Bahamas

Contact Address:
http://www.cross-shore.com info@cross-shore.com skype cross-shore (chat first before calling please) PH # (242) 393 3261
KiteProvo...Turks & Caicos Islands
KiteProvo...Turks & Caicos Islands Price Offer
We promise to get you up and riding
KiteProvo has been teaching people to kiteboard in the Turks & Caicos Islands since 2005. We are a full service school with PASA certified instructors teaching beginner to expert levels. We arrange downwinders, rent equipment, and do boat excursions to our secret spots! Fun, safety, progress..KiteProvo!

Contact Address:
kiteprovo@tciway.tc 649.242.2927 727.490.4258
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