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Cool kiteboarding links

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Florida Kitesurfing Association - The Florida Kitesurfing Association (FKA) is a non-profit corporation formed to represent kitesurfer members throughout the State of Florida. The intent of the FKA is to attempt to promote safety, a positive image for the sport and access to kitesurfing as it currently exists.

iKite.org - A brilliant kiteboarding website that offers free comprehensive knowledge base about kiteboarding lessons, kite board equipment and kites, kiteboarding videos, photos, kite forum and more. Visit iKite.org

Miami Kiteboarding - Kiteboarding lessons, kite board, wakeboard and sailing equipment, rentals. New and used gear for sale. Located on the beach in south Miami.

Tropical-Paradise-Kitesurfing.com - Everything you need to know about kiteboarding / kitesurfing all around the world. All about kitesurfing issues. Enjoy kiteboarding articles, updates, travel ideas, kite beach information, kitesurfing photos, special interviews with professional kiteboarders, all the information you need to know about kitesurfing because with Tropical Paradise the world is a small place. Tropical Paradise is designed to help you book the perfect kiteboarding vacation holiday getaway to Anguilla, Saint Martin, and Saint Bart ot any Caribbean destiantion for kiteboarding beaches.

Kite St. Croix - Located in the beautiful US Virgin Islands. St. Croix offers the best unspoiled kiteboarding beaches in the Caribbean. White sand beaches, no crowds and lots of space make St. Croix an ideal kiteboarding location. A variety of flat water or wave riding locations are available to choose from for any wind direction and all abilities. Our steady summer winds average 15 to 20 knots. Perfect conditions make St. Croix a great place to learn to kiteboard or take your riding to the next level. While visiting take advantage of our P.A.S.A. Certified instructors. We offer lessons tailored to all abilities. St. Croix is located just 2 1/2 hours from Miami and 30 min. from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Inflatablekite.com - Learn the history of the inflatable kite from the inventors and read about their patent rights.

East Coast Kiteboarding - Based in the Hollywood, Florida area, East Coast Kiteboarding offers kiteboarding instruction from the beginner kiteboarding lesson to the advanced downwinders from Fort Lauderdale to Miami.ami.

SevenSports - Located in Islamorada Key, Florida, this is one of the best spots to ride in the keys and a source for kiteboarding equipment and lessons and other water sports gear. Brad Lange of Seven Sports also hosts the Islamorada Invitational Kiteboarding Pro-Am Competition where some of the best riders in the world fly high.

Popeyethewelder's Gaff - This web site contains everything you need to know about the fantastic sport of Kite Buggying, using power kites. This web site contains 1000s of photos and videos, including how to make a race buggy, to top buggy speeds from around the world.

KitesurfUSA.com - Kitesurfing lessons and gear in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chris Kjos, PASA certified kitesurf instructor has been teaching kiteboarding since 1999...Discount lessons available with gear purchase.....Important Note: "We follow students with a waverunner, and coach, assist, and rescue continuosly during the board riding lesson..This is the fastest way to learn to ride! Any thing less takes much more time."..Chris Kjos/Kitesurf Instructor

Kitetricity Kiteboarding - Kitetricity Kiteboarding is a full-service training school in Central Florida offering kites, kite boards, kite harnesses, chase boats (jet skis) and warm shallow water. Whether you're a first-timer looking to "learn the ropes" or an experienced kiteboarder looking to expand your techniques, look no further than Kitetricity Kiteboarding School. Kitetricity is based on the East Coast of Central Florida in the Greater Melbourne-Palm Bay area in Brevard County.

Fort Lauderdale Kite Surfing School - TeamExtreme's Graham Goodwin is a well known local rider and will teach you how and where to ride in the Fort Lauderdale area.

X Rated Kiteboarding - Take a kiteboarding trip with some top professionals and get lessons and tips in exotic locations around the world. Owned and operated by Neil Hutchinson from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Neil is a longtime waterman and is best known for his Guinness Book of World's Record for kiteboarding crossing from Key west to Cuba in 2002. Neil contributes technical and instructional articles regularly to magazines around the world. Recently he traveled with Kiteboarding Magazine and crew to the Caribbean and was featured in the May 2003, Caribbean Island Hopping Adventure.


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