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Cool kiteboarding links

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Ozone Travel - Travel agency for Kiteboarders run by kite boarders. Book flights at Deep-Discounts: Our new contracts rates with American Airlines, U.S. Air and United Airlines are finalized.

Kronic Kiteboards - Kronic KiteBoards are used by some top riders including Antoine Jaubert, Julie Simsar, Davey Blair, Danny Floyd and Kai Lorusso. Last week I spotted Flash Austin out riding one. I had the opportunity to speak at length with the Kronic board designer, Grant Scheffer, and his background and technical knowledge of the physics of surfing and sailing completely impresssed me. He has developed these boards using Hydro Dynamic Flow Principles and Material Proponents and has a complete line of boards for sailing, surfing, skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding. Check out their website.

BayAreaKiteboarding.com - Check out their new site design. Dedicated to safety, access, news and information for San Francisco Bay Area kiteboarders. Includes discussion forums, gear reviews, multimedia section with videos and
photos, reviews, classifieds and Bay Area Kiteboarding Radio. By kiters and for kiters.

Kitemare - Good site. Informative.

Air Padre Kiteboarding - PASA certified Kiteboarding lessons on South Padre Island, TX

Boardheads2.com - Nice site from the Cocoa Beach area of Florida.

Mongani Sky Pirates - offers kiteboarding related information and lessons for kiteboarding in and around North Padre Island and Corpus Christi, Texas. If you are into kite boarding on the Gulf of Mexico they offer lessons, info, new and used kite surfing equipment sales and wind and weather forecasts. They also have a killer kite photo gallery and kitesurfing tips page. Olaf Johansen is the Master Instructor.

Chicago Kiteboarder - Providing information, lessons and equipment sources for the Chicago Kiteboarder. Weather and launch information for Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin beaches to help you decide what beach has the right wind for the day along with tips for making your kiteboarding experience a smooth one.

Kite Ireland - The aim of this web site is to provide an Irish resource for information on kiting in Ireland. Sports Kites, Buggying and Kite Surfing.


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