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Cool kiteboarding links

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X-Treme Kiteboarding - Here you will find tons of info about kiteboarding on the Outer Banks and tour stops around the globe. Good website by Dimitri Maramendies and featuring Hana Crew.

Ocean Images - Need a waterhousing for your camera? Here is the place to get the best underwater camera housings for the best prices. I should know, I am a very satisfied ustomer. You like my videos? Thank Ocean Images.

Kitesurf Bonaire - Dedicated to the promotion of safety, fun & sheer exhilaration of kite surfing in Bonaire! Located just 60 something miles north of the coast of Venezuela, Bonaire, is the "B" of the ABC islands along with her sister islands of Aruba and Curacao. Kite Beach Bonaire was born at Sorobon Beach. It became very popular not only amongst the kiting world but also with spectators. As a result of the fear of 'environmental & safety' issues, as it was put to us, kites are no longer allowed at Sorobon and moved across to Atlantisl. All kiters coming to Bonaire are urged NOT to kite at Sorobon or in Lac Bay. The locals are working with the government to review the situation. The bay itself is approximately 12km's in size and a mixture of mangroves, sea grass, coral formations and sand protected from pounding waves and surge of the east coast by a barrier reef. The average depth is a mere 1.5m or 4 feet and in most areas varies from ankle to no more than waist deep. Perfect for learning how to kite.

Internet Video Magazine - The web's best site for watching short films and videos as well as learning everything you need to know to create and post your own Internet movies. You can watch streaming videos, learn how to make video and film designed for the internet and build websites that host videos. This website is loaded with information about anything and everything you need to know about movies on the web. Check it out.

ikiteboarding.com - Kiteboarding articles, reviews, safety information, pictures, videos and kite boarding destinations. They also have a Forum that is worth checking out. Good all around informative website.

KiteBeaches.com - A database packed with more than 888 beaches in 888 beaches in 116 countries and growing. You want to look around the globe and check a certain country or region for good beaches? This is the website to visit. You wish to find a beach fits the winddirection and offers your favorite water conditions? Kite beaches.com

Kite Ireland - The aim of this web site is to provide an Irish resource for information on kiting in Ireland. Sports Kites, Buggying and Kite Surfing.

Surf Lanzarote - The Canary Islands (Spain | Europe) are a boardriders dream. The pleasant climate and excellent facilities combine to make the island one of Europe's top adventure and extreme sports holiday destinations. Whether you want to learn to surf in warm clear waters, surf gnarly lava reefs, kite surf or windsurf the tradewinds Zocotravel has got you covered. Zoco Boardriding Adventures has teamed up with the only IKO affiliated kiteboarding center on the island of La Graciosa. Never heard of La Graciosa? It's not suprising! It's a remote and unspoilt volcanic island located to the north of Lanzarote and accessible only by boat. No cars, no package holidays, just an island of natural beauty with a small population of fishermen. Kite surfing in La Graciosa is an adventure trip, that you won't find anywhere else in the world!

Caberete Kiteboarding - This small Caribbean town has the reputation of having some of the best and most wind for kitesurfing in the world. Accordingly, some of the greatest kiteboard riders in this sport have chosen Cabarete as their regular training camp to practice kiteboarding all year round. Visit this fine website called Caberete Kiteboarding for all your kiteboarding information needs if you plan on visiting Caberete in the Domincan Republic.

Kite Addict - Ontario's Premier Kiteboarding School. (PASA Certified Instructor.) Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is the ultimate water sport combining wakeboarding, surfing, jumping and flying! All you need is a Kite, board, a bit of wind and a few hours of instruction to get you started. So take a lesson with us, we guarantee that you will become ADDICTED! Your Kiteboarding lessons include free use of all gear and professional instruction. Get High! With the KiteAddict! Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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